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Why steak sauce? Didn’t that go out out with the 70’s?
like the ERA
those abortion stories passed down
from mother to daughter
while drying the dishes

Salt is cool stuff

Who are we appeasing?
The diplomats sit on the couch
shoving their finger food bites
in our ears

Peasant dresses & plows in the field
turn over last year’s mouth manure
in rows irrigated with heavy water
from the next county

Somebody died in this soup

That puppet is fine without a zipper
See how she talks?
The jaw moves & everything
But they’re only listening
to her blue linen suit
stretched over the expanded hand
wrapped tight to keep it all in

Thank you for being a part
of my experiment with humans

Pink cows in real life
never give their true name
Double agents for alligators
that can no longer get work
since the crocs came to town
Veggie bites
barbecues in winter

I kneel to the power
of food, rent & catbills,
the doorman, the taxi break, the racist,
the truckers & cousin fuckers
I kneel to the bullet

They’ve discovered that Lobsters feel pain

She pays homage
to the meatball & the sausage
a means to assuage meat
And the pasta —
Some long & stringy
Some round as sewer pipe
some curled like a shell or woman’s ear
Tri-colored mix, unfeeling starch, boiled limp

Every day is a pasta day
a consider-the-ramifications day
blindfolded, we keep chewing & spitting
out, but the weather keeps getting weirder
Throw the live lobster in the boiling pot
Listen to him scream


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