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Duly Noted

You gotta think like a shrimp
bottom feeding rocks
waves on the wall
runners coming out of the blocks

You stopped yourself
You said –
I didn’t stop myself

I decided I was okay with landscapes
monochromatic portraits weren’t far behind
I’m okay with jazz, especially trumpets,
some drums pounding in
Her Own Vision
enter the landscape
on grassy feet

Touching the shrimp again
the well exercised shrimp –
I think we’re competing

For Thanksgiving
3 pounds of inserts

see what happens when you jack me up
on vegetables and chocolate
Thank God there wasn’t any whiskey

the landscape of paranoia

we’re competing again
(I know when I’m competing)

the illusion of a strike was there
lines would be crossed
a red mark left
Horns riffed all around
Our illusion bombed their corrugated metal shack

you said
you would never feed me
then the next week you brought me
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
I thought
inconsistency in messaging
Duly Noted

winking at a sun of yellow pigment
hand traced turkeys
the landscape rolls out of the painter’s brain
I like the idea of napping and competing
I nap better than you

humanity spilling out onto the canvas
salute the shrimp
reach into the shrimp’s back
and rip out its seam of black shit
before dipping in cocktail sauce

Wendy’s there
Jean is here
If you remember where I end
and you begin
It will help you with the compettition thing

You can’t compete without boundaries

If you’re controlling and consuming the other
at the same time
How can you effectively compete?

We both peak and valley on sugar the same

The wall is in the way

I have to write more than you
Everything is a competition
my wrist hurts
we need a chess clock


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