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amputated boxcars

there are huge ants on the wall
big dog head in my lap
my feet like the heat

that’s right
the human is feeling
needy again —
the stubborn crisis

i’m okay;
i’ve got a sandwich

it always snows in Brookpark
the brain moves again
it never sticks
the new language of fingers
you know how i like it
i like it all over the place

red barn ham bone
alpha dog bed
learning garden

you are more trashed than i am high


it ain’t easy being a big dog
closet cat
everybody’s got so many expectations

your eyes were the screen saver
on my computer
before it went down
killer white poodle

i don’t want to be inspirational

he’s a honey hoarder
piggy shoe
gay guys happy hour
sign language
for sticky slow fingers
stuck keyboards

masectomized railway
fierce fighting kittie
sober children in Ethiopia

balloon hearts float on the night
units of bubble
the brain moves again
the brain moves towards you


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