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the garbage is moving
itty bitty earthquake
big fat bright sucker
pacify him with treats

my cross is in her pocket
humming in her pants
fine, i’ll be your storybook chick

my inner incubator comes out
it’s all a game of incest
colony collapse disorder
dipping & turning & rubbing & nudging

the disease model
gay boy crackhead doper
trust fund baby
pretty boy

I like burps

you can change; I can’t!
I don’t know if I have the technology in me

a hybrid will make a stronger bee
everlasting funball
stages of culture
he gave me the official grunt

I understand the value of a good backpack
cruising for garbage
steal the lane
you’re more cuspy than me
you’re more crispy than me

I’ve gotten good at living with myself

I am the master of my olfactory
sneezing ice cubes
it’s a distance
I don’t think I can travel anymore

couscous can be allot of fun
a hybrid Jewish wedding; it was so watered down

I wanna be a fruit fly
frozen time concept
genuine lizard boots
I’m in a prose state of mind

my heater works best in the summer
let me know when it’s loaded
What year are you from?

I understand bran

one of the great things I heard on TV today
a whole line of cheese buzz
cookies could be replaced
sandboxes are cloned
designed to isolate your system
just because it’s extruded
doesn’t mean it’s not food

my dog publishes poetry


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