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in WeBiLo world, there will be
mail order grooms
they will look good
know how to listen
& move all the heavy things


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Mouse House

A lot of bad things happened
these last eighteen months
Another mechanic no longer
in the trusted mechanic zone
untouched water
body of work
pity devastated bull shit

I’m a bigheaded cat woman
willing to do the work to be your dog

I had the line
and now it’s gone
slacking in haikuland
There’s nothing better than ham in the morning
Hospital gown that explodes in the back
as oversized as their SUV’s

I have a dance that involves the hips and the keys
It’s used in religious ceremonies and barbecues
You have to forgive madness
ice jams
flammable tap water
fundable disabilities

we could underbelly up

In the 90’s I had five couches
tater tots on the side
500 calories for a buck
Russell would like a weird noodle place
sticky money

It’s a drag driving down Clark
Luna lazing on top of you
poems like sneezes
record busting snake
I should just stop talking

She has Albert Einstein hair
pulp is not the enemy
I got, like, a corner clean
Too late at night to leave a stuffed animal
She does the microwave
all this stuff bubbling in her mind

The dining room smells better,
but you’re not here
semi colons are my friends
Hermit crabs really do have feelings

I listen to my inner baby Jesus
burping up tabouli
junk in trunk
narco wars
let me know when it’s loaded

Once we put it on paper it has to be self-contained
A mouse house
my nose likes it
dead like Latin
Poetry i the Drug Mart Plaza
White Castle’s fine with me
a written treasure trove

Uh oh, shoe in the street
(waiting for the other shoe to fall)

It isn’t a stable if there is no Jesus
my poetry binder
tool shed Park Avenue
silk goes in the bathtub
The only way to replace lost false value
is to create new false value

smoking each other’s cigarettes and kissing

Are people calling me the proper noun?
sweaty guys in smoky suits
a little information stitck
a barstool n my mind
many more little notebooks

I forgot how to look
Americans are scared of hair
weird noodle love
influential parasite
I’m heavier; you’re lighter
upgrade the monsters

WeBiLo 4-5-09

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