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I like to keep a low profile
and a twenty in my pocket
standing in the middle of nowhere
Who doesn’t have size issues
climate control dog – that’s who

Sound systems should look good
in a storm any borders will do
flaunt your taste
random acts of kindness
I love my meat

Tastebuds will be closed

Heavenly metals
cat escort
rattling the sugar
indoor yaard sale
playing with friends is even better

He gave me the magic of the sould patch
I don’t even hate myself anymore
peeling the label
I want to store the sperm

Canadian artists have access to health care
and video equipment. *
I like my bed – nice & soft – perfect temperature
You can be the Jane Fonda of my mind
There is no recession in heaven
I assumed my role and it felt good.

You see – Paul McCartney with wings
comes in right after the stones
pixilated promise
accessory sleeve
if he suspects any sort of weakness,
or illness he’s on you like a coyote on a sick dear
in these tough economic times.

When the skaters hit the backs of their heads
you never see them again
62 could be the new 17
Frisbee, Fresca and Frampton
misbehaving with bowling balls
I didn’t even need to squiggle around to get
them to be quiet

He eats brains

I have a thing problem
I know an idea person when I see one
dog collar, pig ears and hot sauce
anti-fatigue flooring
artificial insemination under a microscope
when the white fluffy stuff starts to blow
it is not pretty.

Vatican overflow parking
smiley face fuck you – hello
bus incident in Canada
they extracted it – early boundary
steal the lane
If I was having a bad day and feeling a little annoyed
– that could have turned out a whole lot different.

New and improved embarassing secrets
Her ears flap in the wind
People wear Buddha on their sleeve
A frozen time concept
No notes, just an apology

I’m experiencing thermal shirt envy
Trying to be inspired
going 70 down 90
I tabled for your stomach
She wants me in a tree

I’ve never had arthritis but
I’ve had people owe me money.



* Frank Greeen


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 I can feel it in my head when I write

Queer as three weiner dogs on a leash

As rated by stalkers everywhere


I’m a good wine person

If it weren’t so loud in here I’d send it back


Can you put three of them

            on a leash?


I’ve got an old lady neck,

you’ve got boys knees

no word left behind

A dinosaur in computerland

The co-efficient of friction wasn’t with me


Sometimes my brain just does things

We’re all on Youtube

we just haven’t been tagged

The hypocrisy of humanity

I’ll love the dog that prevails


Demonstrating makes me hungry

Healthy relationships keep me fit


funky mouse


I like jumping up and down

With younger men

Mom doesn’t like to wear the mom hat

Run up the bezzle

Hanukah is getting hip


He had a sensitivity chip missing

Jesus dressed in cellophane in lights

weirdness in code

the gloves are back

I am separated from my concerns


She has 100 songs in her top 50

It fits with her need to have two of everything

This is a plus for us

temporary humans

hanging out in Haliburton Hummers



He had to break the law to get to god

Riding bicycles in the mansion

Hacking up the yellow stuff too

I got under both my blankets

That was my last conscious thing


My mind needs prompts

I got some good zip codes

I need reassurance from

     the dead Jesus downstairs


Do not blow smoke up my ass


I lost my gloves when the car blew up

You have to be careful with your food source

The republican party, jesus and all that

Sneaky smart rat

Rudely ripped away from purring bodies


Anxious tag wailing

Seven days of birthday

The stubborn crisis

Caring about my fellow man tires me out


We can close


Starving to death around piles of vinyl

A random piece of snow flies at me



                                      WeBiLo   2-8-09

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