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thought for today

If you can’t say it in haiku it’s too many words.


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The new ants didn’t come today

Start drinking beer & start yr evening

crack infested children

winged wheelchair

Oprah reveals her weight


Can I not tell the future?

The voice is cracking

like the hair is cracking

Boring numbers tasks

a salad martini


Scrotum — it’s not on the list

I think someone else perspired

judgmental poet

something viral going on

in the you tube of my mind


I can sit here & play

with my Prismacolor all day

I have an obligation to be diligent.

Catholics have the illusion

that they understand sin*

the proper gays who hold

sanitized fundraisers

store sperm

purse & boots

warm notebooks


error in deleting


Someone’s egg smells like perspiration

premature exiting

insulating glass

puke on the carpet growing stuff


We’re everywhere —

women with our little pocket notebooks


If she has shiny red shoes

she must have plans

high wire walking squirrel

the other skyline in town

canine cattle beef bone monster femur

I set some parameters

& turn myself loose.


Women wandering in traffic

banging computer boy


dead pansies

marginalize       vilify

obese white trash data

Enough of the right things

to claim it makes sense.


I need to keep my tail clean

& kick my ass.

There’s a gaping hole

where the bear used to be.

Changing the subject around the egg issue

Don’t let my East side DNA come out!

Beer & movies make it a little better.

If you don’t like it,

I understand.

WeBiLo 2-1-09

* Nick Traekner

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