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Big paw Louie

queen on a barstool

brownie for a year.

Until you kneel down on the tile in this skirt

you’ll never know what a saint is


I have sick breath

She has a spiritual advisor, homeopath & naturopath on standby


You know me as a blond

He’s just a hungry skunk

trying to get back to the 4th dimension

Eating police

The audacity of hype


Depends on perspective whether it’s a suburb

little tight units

duck billed platypus

the sound of the flea

crunching between the fingernails

incarcerated cats on virginal turf


I can see the UHaul on the horizon

Song like a painting

sniff the purse

He let the fish win.


The bailouts are getting scarier & scarier

WordPress & godaddy talk to each other

Dead space on dead man’s curve

True believing kitties


I’m as confused as I ever was

but now I’m confused on a much higher level


This is a no-brainer —

there are two kinds of people,

size queens

and those who are in denial

about being size queens

I rely on my inner jock


Saturday morning multitask queen

He was kinda weirded out by it

smashed & skewered rat going for his weiner

They measured with a yardstick

Gutter balls


Finesse clown,

exact profile of somebody who,

if he drank enough,

would get a few felonious assaults

Do you really think so?


It wants to break

trenchant expository

photographs sullied by intermingling.

Mental illness —

they say it like it’s a bad thing.

I hear it all in my head —


The audacity of hope


Cinnamon sticks make me think

little puppy dog eyes

Hot chocolate anniversary

It’s a small cue

spooning rice

getting all the bad stuff out


I’m learning to give people their own perspective

a part of me that’s real

chubby little bullet


wraparound doggie

(everyone has size issues)



I like canning, handling the harvest

feel it traveling thru yr hands,

down thru yr legs

to the ground

I like it when you’re standing in pumps.









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thought for today

a self-actualized glass of vodka

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