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I’m missing a Bob


History as a picture story
Middle class angst
They look like the type
of folks who would push the Button

The mistake that some women make
they simply give birth
they don’t nurture, raise it, steward . . .
(bacon should have pecans)

I don’t know the rules —
should I start writing them down?

Church of DOG
No country should fear religious freedom
Seize the bone
Chew the moment
Beauty tips for the drunk

Fat free scares me
Scaffolding always gets me hot
I’m cool like that

An oversized flat screen world
Eat pay & get the fuck out
I’m not sticking things up my nose
Sport pencil
Pure water drool
The mother of all boards
Playing to both sides of the window

I’m missing a bob

She had a weakness for controlling angry men
You just need one bust
They can give birth
but they can’t let go

He faded toward me
I gave it the gas
he flinched & went off on the berm
This is my option.

Beef & beer — an American tradition
we won’t give up

Thinking critically of the subsets —
We do have suburban friends
Contact sober
Scrambled hard
Binnacle — a term still used today.

The thought of having fun makes me nauseous.
Everyone needs Teddy in troubled times.
Cats doing laps
FUN low pressure dates

Beef ‘n cheddar does not look good
on a 42″ flat screen —
test marketers should catch that

themeless harvesting
Nominally competent for my own purposes

A big old girl love in
I’m not the man —
I’m not in charge



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Derivatively Derivative

Haiku victory
Seven syllable moment
And then five again


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I dream of wheat pennies
it goes in the hamper with ball gag
Ninety minute Hollywood Happy
Families depending on Disney

The chair wants space
ultimate affluent bull shit time
peeling paint and gutters
Art on the ground
after they duped me in
Robert Frost and nature

There’s nothing more arrogant
than a third year law student
slated to get raided
penises on the windowsill
Profit from their dying

It sucks that we wait until people are dead
Years of service
We’re committed to you

Drool doggie
The guy parks his Harley
outside the Ugly Broad Saloon
Early on a Sunday morning

We are complete

dominant paradigm
White man grin
buckets in the rain

tuna used to be such a great staple
it went boom with the peacenik thing
winter stacking, stacking for winter
Color me silly
I want my space

Life sized plastic pig
community forum
crinkly ceiling
an alternate Chris Franke universe
where red is green

Mr. Gay and his black tie boyfriend
no touch automatic
department store dream
department store lighting
May Co. blue carpet

Standoffish bitch

I had a fever
He had a lot of the proper stuff going on
What else can you do in China
except drink in a Tex-Mex restaurant
Trying to relive the one moment when you were almost cool

Thank you for shopping

She tends to be empirical
cum belching whore
– they have an outside
closing time
I just scored again

How old were you when you first moved home
Lay it out
There are good poems
and there are poems that I like

Overcome the power unit
drinking tea for beer
anxiety reduces
27 more minutes of it

Are we there yet?
one word
two continents

WeBiLo June 29, 2008

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