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meat eaters

snot nosed white kids
smacked heavily on the boards
doggie goes home

she just follows me
skinny ass white girl
tattoo Americana panther
pure great juice

breakfast special —
little did we know
Aesop was a mole for the government
organizing beans
learning to cut —
he was a nice guy

words go right by us

you are the master of your tail
fag hag, gold spike, coffee

I knelt on the tile floor in this skirt
that’s when I knew
sausage was the second meat

I’m tired of being the object
babes under babes
steamed yucca
Mother’s Day flowers

Identify with the dog
Whine to your husband
Sleep with anybody
Pretend we’re normal
like all the other aliens
magically American

Let me be more specific
I am a parabola
I deflect
I am a mirror
I’m turning into a suburban girl

the dog raises his eyebrow
he’s concerned
we’re shipping the money to Mexicco
we’re women who know what we want
we want the breakfast special



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beginnings . . .

Two distinct voices joined to form one.

An exploration into the creative spirit force that exists in each of us that becomes but a third spirit, a separate and unique voice when the two become one. That voice can only thrive when both are allowed to fully exist as oneself thereby bringing completely to the table oneself to be joined in the process.

Respect of each voice for the other is mandatory to the integrity of the process.

http://webilo.wordpress..com is where the WeBilo run free, and seldom is heard a discouraging word, for at WeBiLo weblog criticism is offered as insight not insult.

This website is dedicated to that spirit.

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